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well, see if i care

The Medina may claim to have the best coffee, but their customer service is quite awful.


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Best page, if not ever then at least today.

I’m a frequent user of “Have the Rolling Stones killed“.

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Word’s o’ wisdom from Emily Post:

Never sprinkle French, Italian, or any other foreign words through a letter written in English. You do not give an impression of cultivation, but of ignorance of your own language…If hesitating between two words, always select the one of Saxon origin rather than Latin. For the best selection of words to use, study the King James version of the Bible.

Never write anything that can be construed as sentimental.

Young girls may be allowed quite gay envelope linings, but the device on the paper must be minute, in proportion to the gaiety of the color.

Do not from this suppose that well-bred people write badly!

If those behind you insist on talking it is never good policy to turn around and glare. If you are young they pay no attention, and if you are older—most young people think an angry older person the funniest sight on earth! The small boy throws a snowball at an elderly gentleman for no other reason!

A very annoying person at the “movies” is one who reads every “caption” out loud.

“Be in the lobby of the Comedy Theater at 8.15. Order your motor to come for you at 010 Fifth Avenue at 1 A. M.”

Old clothes! No manners! And what is the result? One wife more wonders why her husband neglects her!

To a man who can not afford to get two suits of evening clothes, the Tuxedo is of greater importance. It is worn every evening and nearly everywhere…

More to come, surely.

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job ad

I found this job ad funny:

Opportunity for you to serve god using your office/bookkeeping skills…

I can’t believe I didn’t notice that chapter in the bible; wherein office skills are listed a form of prayer and service.

And god spake “let thee use thine office skills to smite mine enemies and serveth your god”

By that logic post-its are practically holy!

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This child is inordinately freaky. Like “Johhny come out and play,” freaky. The wunderkind (or perhaps that should be enfant terrible) enunciation doesn’t help either, nor does the Orwellian picture of Giant Steve behind her.

Hang on—scary emotive speeches behind giant portraits? What does that remind you of? That’s right, little Johnny, Nazism. Now I’m not suggesting Bindi is a Nazi, or even sympathetic to the party, but all the elements are there; excessive hagiographical idolisation of one figure, mass propaganda and rallies, annexations of neighbouring countries. Gosh, there is even a uniform.

It really makes you think.

Of course I’ll be the victim of the Aussie-values lynch mob for this.

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a day of things

Death is funny (not in the ha-ha sense); one day someone is here, coming to work and the next? Gone. It’s almost like they have gone on an extended holiday. It’s sad, because it’s another person I won’t be able to get to know.

Now on the other end of the scale; the driver of the 400-something bus had an excellent sense of humour; the type that just makes me laugh, and unable to come up with any sort of witty rejoinder. I blame the temporary spell of inarticulation on the weather, which naughtily is pretending to be summer.

The coup d’état in Thailand annoys me for several reasons. One of those is completely fustian excuses given by the perpetrators, namely that it is in the name of “democracy”. Democracy, like that crazy thing the kids call religion, has been false-witness to countless crimes and travesties all under its name.

If they where serious about protecting democracy—and not just forming a populist military junta—they would use the tools of democracy, and not the illegal methods of the insurrectionist.

But more importantly, because it directly involves me, they have made Thailand that much more dangerous to visit, thus once again wrecking havoc with my vacation options. At this rate I’ll wind up in subterranean bunker in Orange wearing a flak-jacket, and eating tinned baked beans. Now isn’t that much better then lying on a white-sand Thai beach, drinking from a coconut?

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The global ecomony would collapse if it where not for post-it notes (and the many cheap knock-offs), paperclips, and inter-department envelopes.

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