falling rain

I tend to fall in love with, or at least greatly admire, ideas of people, and am often disappointed when the reality of the person differs from the rose-coloured version in my mind. It happens to me often, which leads me to worry that I may be setting myself up for a lifetime of disappointment unless I learn to start holding realistic ideas of people. Not treating them as perfect tableau, but rather humans.

I got caught in the rain with a friend this morning; her smile and laugh was stunningly beautiful, a vivid counterpart to the grey and wet world. She huddled next to me, the holder of the suddenly essential umbrella, and I smiled, very happy. The rain, quite freakish in its sudden intensity, came down almost horizontally. Of course I got soaked, but it didn’t matter one bit.

These little snatches of life need to be recorded and remembered; little moments of beauty, or of happiness, or of mirth, or even of sadness. Once we forget, or no longer take the time to appreciate these little snatches then what’s the point?


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